David Beckham, Global Soccer Ambassador, Arrives In Beijing

David Beckham, China’s first ambassador for soccer, arrived in Beijing on Wednesday morning to a, well, David Beckham welcome. Fans waited for hours for him to arrive to Shijia Hutong Primary School, where he played soccer in dress shoes and a butoned up shirt. He also kicked the ball around at the FC Guo’an practice facility. The above video is him arriving at the scene.

After Thursday, the former Los Angeles Galaxy, current Paris Saint-Germain star will head to Qingdao and Wuhan to complete his four-day China tour. Four days really isn’t enough, is it?

Pictures via Daily Mail:

David Beckham in Beijing David Beckham in Beijing 2

Here he is at the Guo’an training facility. Man’s still got it:

David Beckham in Beijing playing with youngsters
Via Yahoo

Top vid:

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