Foshan Police Deny Beating Driver On Roadside… The One That A Video Shows Them Beating

In Foshan, Guangdong province on March 20 at around 1 pm, cops made a routine pullover that has since drawn ample controversy after accusations of police brutality. Accusations that are pretty clearly warranted, judging by the video.

The story goes that a driver, told to pull over, drove for another three kilometers, or about 70 seconds. This is against the law, surely, and the driver deserves whatever punishment comes to those who disobey police officers.

But then, once out of the car, a gaggle of cops surround the driver and begin throwing punches.

The victim, interviewed in the above video from a hospital bed, says he didn’t do anything (of course he’d say that), and that the cops began beating him without even asking any questions.

At a news conference, police captain Cen Yongxin made things more difficult for his squad than necessary. Namely, with a lie.

“He was getting ready to run across the road, of course the officers went to seize him, for his safety,” he begins, which is fine.

A journalist later asks him point blank: “Really didn’t beat him?”

“No,” is the reply.

You know what they say about denials: they can get awkward pretty fast once someone whips out the video evidence contradicting you.

We’re not sure what’s next, what consequences or punishments will be handed down. Updates as they become available.

    5 Responses to “Foshan Police Deny Beating Driver On Roadside… The One That A Video Shows Them Beating”

    1. narsfweasels

      A case coul;d be made for resisting arrest, but even then it was disproportionate force.

      If you want someone down, you don’t repeatedly knee them in the chest, you go for the back of the knees.


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