Guizhou Chicken Lays Half-Pound Egg, Which Had An Egg Inside It

– How do you like your eggs?


– Oh. Um.

– What’s wrong?

– Nothing, it’s just that I was hoping you’d say “within an egg.”

A chicken in Guizhou province recently laid a monster half-pound egg, but it’s not a world record, explains the Los Angeles Times:

In 2010, when Matilda the chicken, of Ipswich, England, laid an egg 3 1/2 inches high and 8.3 inches around, a Guinness World Records spokesman told the U.K. news website Metro: “The largest hen egg was a five-yolked egg measuring [12.2 inches] around the long axis, [9 inches] around the short and weighing nearly [12 ounces]. It was laid by a Black Minorca at Mr. Stafford’s Damsteads Farm, Mellor, Lancs [England] in 1896.”

The Christian-Science Monitor’s Eoin O’Carroll quipped, “But if you do ever see an egg inside another egg, at least you now know which came first.”

(Video via ITN, h/t Alicia, John Hanrahan)

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