North Korean Girl Spins With Vase On Her Head, Impressively, For 45 Seconds

Viewed over 40,000 times on Youku in the last three days, this video of a cute North Korean performer spinning for nearly 45 seconds with a vase on her head. The jaw-dropping part starts at the 1:45 mark. You couldn’t do this.

North Korea’s known for these type of performances — at the very least, English-language writers have commented on it before. From a July 2012 article in Lonely Planet:

But the best was saved for last, as the tour concluded with a performance in the concert hall where choirs belted out haunting military songs, ballet troupes demonstrated astonishing acrobatic skills and small children demonstrated almost superhuman acts, like a girl spinning around with a vase balanced on her head.

And of course, no clip of a young stage performer in the DPRK can be posted without mentioning the excellent movie A State of Mind, about North Korea’s annual Mass Games, which you can watch on YouTube in serial starting here:


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