Saturday Night Musical Outro: The Old Ceremony – Guo Qu

The good times are just around the bend. We’ll be here for ‘em.

    2 Responses to “Saturday Night Musical Outro: The Old Ceremony – Guo Qu”

    1. JK

      Kinda anal of you to delete a LOGICAL comment about digitally recorded audio not being faithfully reproduced via magnetic cartridge on analog vinyl. Its impossible, the harmonics will have been eliminated.

      • Anthony Tao

        It’s not deleted… I see it in my control panel as “pending,” and I’m not sure why, because it’s not in moderation or anything. First time this has happened.

        For what it’s worth, here’s the original:

        “Its digitally recorded, of course it won’t sound right reproduced on analog vinyl all the harmonics will be zapped, nice sales gimmick though.”


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