Shocking Hit-And-Run In Northeast China As Cop Car Speeds Away From Scene

Policemen aren’t supposed to flee from crime scenes.

On March 31 in Fuxin, Liaoning province, a cop, driving on the wrong side of the road, plowed into a pedestrian on Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County Ring Road, as seen above on just-released footage from a dashboard camera. The police vehicle accelerated, sirens on, away from the accident.

The passengers in the car recording all this took a moment to marvel at what they just saw. Then the driver shifted into gear and slowly rolled away, leaving the injured pedestrian lying on the road.

We haven’t found any news articles yet about this incident, but we’ll keep you apprised of any updates.

    11 Responses to “Shocking Hit-And-Run In Northeast China As Cop Car Speeds Away From Scene”

    1. Ed

      So typically Chinese in all aspects.
      a) a pedestrian crossing the street without any regard for the other traffic
      b) the police running people over and not stopping
      c) the witnesses simply driving off to instead of helping because they do not want to get involved.

    2. Fred

      Nothing shocking or new. In the US, the corporate media loves to suck up by making up reasons about how hard the police work, implying that the person was drunk, etc. etc. etc.

      In this case: lights on, sirens blaring, and no idea as to what the emergency call was.

      As to resolution of it:

      And of course, “协勤司机” = 临时工, so he’s basically a part time idiot/auxiliary. No one died, shit getting handled.

      • MAC

        Did you even actually read any of the articles that you posted to prove that America is just the same? In the cases where cops “drove away,” the issue is that they didn’t report something minor after the person struck said they were okay, not that they mowed people down without a pause.

    3. WoAi

      Shocking. It didn’t even slow down, it’s almost like the driver didn’t notice he’d hit something. Of course, none of this would have happened if the car with the dashboard mounted camera pulled over to allow the police car through like in every other country in the world!

      • Mano

        No one here pulls over for police cars or any other with sirens, they just drive around the the sirens on without any reason other than to speed through traffic. Those fucking police are the shit of the road anyway. Two years ago a friend of mine was biking around and a white licence plate car ran him over and it was all caught on camera and the police would not do a thing. Its all bullshit.

    4. Jesse

      That was hardly even an attempt to avoid the pedestrian and the pedestrian made no attempt to even try to cross the road safely.


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