Watch: Young Woman Sells Herself Online, But Not For Sex

If you have a minute (or 25), check out “The Rest of My Life is For Sale,” part of the show Witness, filmed by Liu Shuo and Fei Youming, hosted over at Al-Jazeera. It follows Chen Xiao, a young entrepreneur with an online shop who sells herself online… her free time, that is.

As a first step towards this new venture, she posted this message online: “Tired, I am just so tired. I sometimes want to give up my life. I don’t want to belong to myself. I just want to live online and let netizens arrange the rest of my life.”

And soon after that message went online, she started to get requests from people asking her to run errands for them – such as delivering a cake to a young man’s girlfriend.

Chen only responds to decent and uplifting requests. And she documents her assignments by taking photos when she is on the job and posts them online each night.

In our digital age, the real and virtual worlds overlap and entwine, and encroach and transform. “Its final death will surely be online, too,” Chen says. To what is she referring, exactly?

(H/T Reddit)

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