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(Monday’s comic)

    16 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Backpackers In China”

    1. Shawn

      I have never backpacked or stayed in a hostel anywhere but have visited most of those places… what does this mean?

    2. Chinese Netizen

      Hostel taken over by cheap budget 国内 Chinese travelers and not the usual suspects of fat, big titted white British girl who’ll shag anyone, crazy wild Rasta’d out black man, dred locked white boy from upper middle class roots, or bearded out older guy most likely one step ahead of his country’s law and wanted for questioning about his activities with elementary school children?
      Who knows…never liked backpackers that came off too much like backpackers…

    3. Marc

      I understand what it’s trying to say, that hostels in other countries have international guests and in China the guests are mostly Chinese. It’s not particularly funny though.

      Also why is the Indian staff’s skin the only thing in color?

    4. wafflestomp

      I found it funny, although I fucking hate backpackers. The Chinese hostel needs more instant noodles though

    5. bag-o-dicks

      If you go to an LP-recommended hostel in China they are exactly the same as anywhere else.

    6. Bort

      My experience has been quite the opposite. Most of the hostels across eastern China in which I’ve stayed have been full of 老外. Many of the hostels in Shanghai are veritable party scenes for rich European kids.

    7. King Baeksu

      This past January, I stayed in a hostel in Shanghai for a few days to save a little cash.

      The common area in front was full of single young Chinese women watching “The Big Bang Theory” on their laptops, or zoning out on QQ. They weren’t what I would call very chatty.

      Meanwhile, in the back by the bar and pool table, a group of young Chinese guys could be heard shouting and laughing late into the night.

      My dreams were punctuated by the sound of smashed beer bottles at regular intervals, and the violent crashing of billiard balls.

      I don’t think I shall be repeating the experience.

    8. mike

      I’ve been in hotels that were too ‘cheap’ so foreigners aren’t allowed to stay there. Is that a hostel? Who knows. Backpackers will probably not enjoy China much, since.. you know.. no English.

    9. Jay Casey

      I don’t know why so many people are so hateful in their comments and in their intolerance of fellow travelers. I’ve enjoyed hostels in China and all other countries I’ve traveled in. The more different kinds of people you meet the more tolerant you get. The only kind I don’t like are the jerks – and they come in all nationalities and modes of travel.


      as a rule i don’t trust white people with dreads. sometimes i see backbackers on the subway in the shanghai summer and think “damn, that sucks.”


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