After His Buddies Complete The Beatdown, Chengguan Stomps On Fallen Merchant’s Head [UPDATE]

On the afternoon of May 31, chengguan in Yan’an, Shaanxi province reportedly got into a scuffle with merchants. The video that was posted to Youku shows the civilian eventually being surrounded by urban management officers, with one particular chengguan — the fat one, natch — delivering a terrifying two-footed stomp on his head. Witnesses say the chengguan smelled like he was drunk.


UPDATE, 6/6, 1:34 pm: More information via Ministry of Tofu, plus a GIF:

The chengguan squad accused the bicycle store of occupying the pedestrian lane with their display items, and wanted to confiscate the bicycles.

When Mr. Liu, the owner of the bicycle store, tried to dispute the accusation and stop them, two sides got into the violent clash, in which Mr. Liu was stomped on by the chengguan officer and sustained head injury.

UPDATE, 6/7, 11:28 am: Two chengguan have been detained, reports Global Times, with others being disciplined:

Of the eight officers involved in Friday’s incident,  six temporary employees were fired by the urban management bureau, with the other two regular employees being penalized. Two temporary workers have been detained by the police for their behavior, People’s Daily Online reported Wednesday following a press conference held by the city’s government.

…An official from the local urban management watchdog brigade told the People’s Daily Online Monday that the shop had illegally parked bikes on the sidewalk before and officers issued alerts to them several times ordering them to rectify.

“Every time they asked us to put the bicycles in order, we followed the request. On Friday, there weren’t many bicycles in front of the shop and they were in order,” Li said, adding the bicycles belong to customers.

Chengguan stomps on merchant's face

    5 Responses to “After His Buddies Complete The Beatdown, Chengguan Stomps On Fallen Merchant’s Head [UPDATE]”

    1. narsfweasels

      What business was it of the bitch in the yellow jersey (later found deservedly lying beaten on the floor)?

      I love the way that the REAL police simply drove past the scene as the Chenguan, who have no right to detain, are manhandling the vendor.

    2. RhZ

      We should reserve judgment until a full accounting is provided. Nope, can’t blame the chenguan or call for them to be fired and charged with assault until that full accounting exists. You know how some people like to make fake videos of lawless Chinese authority. Probably funded by the CIA!

      Why, the vendor might have said something mean about the chenguan’s mother, making this beat-down a very reasonable thing. Nothing to see here, pls move on people.

      I am sure the relevant authorities are going to do what’s right in this case, even if they do nothing.

    3. Can't remember my username

      WTF! Any more details about that? My Chinese is pretty basic and couldn’t pick up much about what they were saying. Why are the ‘merchants’ dressed like a cycling team? Any ideas why the girl got involved and why she was hit?


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