Chillax, Again, With The Freshest Kids In China At Moganshan Road

The Freshest Kids in China is a project focusing on Chinese urban culture, featuring art, song, and dance. They are cooler than you or I. Check out their latest work, a timelapse at the graffiti wall on Shanghai’s Moganshan Road, featuring French artists JB, Ador, Storm, and Dezio.

They’ve done such things before.

    5 Responses to “Chillax, Again, With The Freshest Kids In China At Moganshan Road”

    1. DaNfOrCe

      Am I the only one who thinks that the original graffiti was much better than what these French “artists” sprayed over it? Seriously their tags are just the same old crap you see on the street in ghettos. Are these the freshest kids? or are they some more unemployed young eurotrash that seems to be flooding China recently

    2. atze

      DaNfORce, sorry, but maybe you should get some information about the subejct before giving comments. From yours, I just see that you dont know anything about aesthetics of graffiti and you also have no glue about the people shown in the video and their important role in Shanghais graffiti culture. And as soon as someone refers to others, who ever it is, as “trash”, his credibility as a conversation partner is gone …. remember, 3 fingers always point back to yourself.

    3. Chinese Netizen

      “aesthetics of graffiti…important role in Shanghais graffiti culture.” Oh how utterly pretentious this comes across

    4. atze

      so you dont see any aesthetic in graffiti. good for you, but a few thousand people all over the world do see it as a form of art and an important part of their life. and yes, there are different styles, schools etc. in the graffiti culture, its not only about flashy colours and funny little figures. so when someone like danforce gives a negative comment about a subject or some person, even referring to them as trash, and proofs with his comment that he doesnt have a glue about the topic, yes then he has to live with a reply. call it pretentious or not, that doesnt matter.


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