Wesley Sneijder Scored An Impressive, Pirouetting Back-Heel Goal Yesterday In Beijing

The Netherlands were in Beijing yesterday for an international friendly in Workers’ Stadium. Less than 10 minutes in, Arjen Robben drew a penalty kick — a pretty clear foul in which the defender slid into his heel — and Robin van Persie connected for the game’s first goal.

It’s the second goal, however, that deserves your attention. Watch as Wesley Sneijder plays a little three-man game with co-captains van Persie and Robben. Sneijder finds himself receiving a Robben pass that’s a little behind him, but instead of settling it with his foot, turning his body, and shooting, like most people would, he completes all three actions in one swift move, corkscrewing counterclockwise and using his left heel to flick the ball past a stunned goalie. I daresay that was the prettiest goal Workers’ Stadium has seen in a long time.

Also of note, Chinese midfielder Qin Sheng drew a straight red for a studs-up tackle. Netherlands won 2-0. Game highlights:

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    1. wafflestomp

      Watched the game. China is pathetic on the world stage and will never, ever, get better until the manlet citizens can get a roots program in the country. How many young Chinse play football? How many house leagues are there? Sad.


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