C4, Ep.67: Bruce Lee!

Today on C4: Bruce Lee: he died. Watch these two British show hosts talk about this legendary American who is ethnically Chinese.

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    4 Responses to “C4, Ep.67: Bruce Lee!”

    1. wha--

      ethnically caucasian-asian. his mother was half white, half Chinese.
      really, he’s more American than anything

    2. wha--

      ethnically asian-caucasian.

      his mother was half white, half Chinese.

      born in the US, buried in the US, he was as American. period.

      I love the looks on people’s faces here in China when I explain that: “Ok, stupid laowai”

      yeah, I’m the idiot

      • Ericj

        Well the issue isn’t so much that he’s American. The Chinese mentality is that so long as you are “Chinese” you will forever be Chinese.

        ABC’s who have no relation to China except being ethnically Chinese are seen as Chinese too. The problem most likely has to do with the post maoist mentality of all being one. Something to do with homogeny and the like. It’s all bullshit. Kind of like when China takes credit for Jeremy Lin. Taiwan does this too just to a lesser extreme. Hong Kong to my knowledge doesn’t as much.

        They end up equating nationality with ethnicity, which is funny. They treat Foreign born Chinese as Chinese whereas the nationals whom do not fall under the traditional Han group are treated as separate minorities/


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