“Good Guy” Taxi Driver Not So Good, Robs Roadside Drunk

Usually, one gets robbed by a taxi driver when he/she takes you on a runaround — the ol’ Third Ring Road tour. In Luoyang, Henan province, however, one driver thought of a much easier way to get a couple hundos.

Check out the above video, taken on July 20 at around 7:30 pm from surveillance cameras at the intersection of Zhoushan and Lixin Roads. Spotting a passed-out drunk, a taxi driver poses as a good guy and checks up on the fella, even picks up his glasses. He then slips the drunk’s wallet from his bag, ducks behind a car, pockets about two hundred kuai, and then returns the wallet.

Cameras catch the thief enter a cab and drive off.

According to the newscast, a security officer watched all of this happen, and immediately alerted the police. (See, Big Brother sometimes has your back.) The driver, surnamed Shi, was detained. He’ll serve a 10-day sentence and pay a 500 yuan fine.

This is not the first time something like this happened, by the way. Almost exactly a year ago, a pedicab driver robbed an unconscious drunk of his cell phone. Five hours later, the thief, surnamed Li, was nabbed by cops.

Youku version

So have hope, those who lose bags and wallets in China: cops can recover them for you.

Unless you lose it in Sanlitun Bar Street, in which case, forget about it.

(H/T Huffington Post)

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