Image Search For “China” On Google Canada Yields Results For “People Eating Babies”

Google Canada image search for China

Reader James Weir noticed something peculiar when he image searched “China” on, i.e. Canadian Google: “People Eating Babies” and “People Eating Dogs” were among the top results.

In an ideal world where no one falls for Internet tricks, this would go without saying, but people do not eat babies here, in the same way that people don’t in the US or the UK or Japan or anywhere else in the world. If you choose to believe what’s in the news, you might find capsules of powdered human flesh, but cannibalism as a cultural practice in our day and age is basically extinct, isolated to some island tribes.

So, in conclusion: what the hell, Canada? Google?

Here’s what a normal image search of China should yield:

Normal Google image search for China

And once again, Canada.

Normal Google image search for China Canada

(H/T James W.)

    4 Responses to “Image Search For “China” On Google Canada Yields Results For “People Eating Babies””

    1. SeaHorse

      To be honest I’m not surprised. If you go on the internet people will literally believe anything about Chinese people (once met someone who thought the movie Dumpling was a documentary or something). Also plenty of people around here who seem to have come to China thinking it was a paradise of economic safety, clean streets, and ancient ruins, both equally ridiculous if you ask me.

    2. MrT

      Nothing surprising at all, Google feeds you exactly what Google wants you to see and then removes everything it doesn’t want you to see.
      Its all part of the bullshit brainwashing system America is running.

      • jahar

        It’s not that does this. why blame the US?You sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist. As if any other search engine in the world provides better results than google.

    3. bag-o-dicks

      Presumably it’s like autocomplete. Look what happens if you go to Google web search and start typing “Chinese people”. This is just what people have been searching for.


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