“Marry Me”: A Chinese Love Story

China Navis has highlighted a sweet little love story that — were it not for the overproduced made-for-TV episode and fireworks (literal fireworks) — might be a nice antidote for our cynical times and awful rom-coms (such as Tiny Times).

A 25-year-old man named Zhoujun has reportedly spent the last two years traveling across the country with a poster asking a special young lady — whom he’s loved since they were 18 — to marry him.

And then the boyfriend to make all boyfriends look bad staged an elaborate proposal ceremony in front of a public square in an amusement park, featuring a big-screen and a magician. And then fireworks.

Aww. We’ve seen proposals go very wrong before, but this girl said yes. You kind of have to after all that, don’t you?

Here’s to hoping their relationship hasn’t already peaked. They will now, like taking a great long nap, enter into a cozy domestic life, at the end of which is death. Do they part.

Marry Me - Chinese love story

MARRY ME: Touching, Romantic and Sweet Proposal from a Chinese Man (China Navis)

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