Tour Guide Flips Out At Airport, May Have To Pay For Damages

Flight delays are frustrating, and if you, in the midst of a four-hour delay, have never allowed yourself to think barbarous, shamefully uncivilized and cruel thoughts, it doesn’t make you a better person: you’re just that smug asshole everyone always wants to punch.

But no one actually does punch you, and have you ever wondered why? Because we have inhibitors in our brain that operate with information from the Office of Rational Thinking, which tells us violence in our society is often met with disdain, sometimes with legal repercussions in the form of jail time or fines. This bit of awareness is what keeps us from flipping out at the airport, no matter how angry we get at airline employees, how disappointed we are in ourselves that we could, again, make the mistake of booking a goddamn flight in China, thinking, “Maybe this is the one time that things run smoothly.”

We’ll let CCTV News, in its YouTube description, tell you what’s happening above:

On July 2nd, a Tianjin airline was supposed to depart from Nanchang (capital of Jiangxi province) to Haikou (capital of Hainan province) at 11 am. But due to the delay of the previous flight, the passengers were not able to board the plane until 5:30 pm. The airline offered meals, accommodation and 200 yuan compensation for each of the passengers as a goodwill gesture. But a tourist guide named Yu leading a 50-person tour group was not satisfied with the offer.

She demanded 600 yuan for each person, and when the airline said, “Eh, no,” she began smashing airport equipment and ripping paper. “You’ll be responsible for the damage,” officers told her point-blank. She continued smashing and ripping. Ring, ringOffice of Rational Thinking calling. Why do you even bother employing us?

Miss Yu was arrested five days later, and now might have to pay for the equipment she broke. How much? The phone itself exceeds 5,000 yuan.

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    1. Muttitude

      What a load of crock ” ” Experts” say that Airlines must enhance communications with the passengers … blah blah blah ”
      Air traffic and airspace is controlled by the uniformed mob, once they get their heads outta their butts flight delays will be reduced.


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