Beijing’s Rubber Duck, Which Will Be Bigger Than Hong Kong’s, Is Coming To The Summer Palace

Rubber duck in Beijing - hello Beijing

Ever since we found out that Florentijn Hofman’s famous Rubber Duck was coming to Beijing, the question has been: where will it be placed? Houhai? The National Center for the Performing Arts (“The Egg”)? Zhang Xin‘s personal swimming pool?

Summer Palace, it turns out.

Reports SCMP:

The lake, which is part of the former imperial summer palace was chosen as a venue for Beijing’s version of Hong Kong’s giant rubber duck, which floated in Victoria Harbour earlier this year, organisers of Beijing Design Week said on Thursday in a microblog post.

The duck is coming on September 16, reportedly. It’s unclear how big it’ll be, but Beijing’s official Sina Weibo account says it’ll be bigger than Hong Kong’s version, at least. FUCK YES, BEIJING.

As Bad Canto translates:

【”Giant Yellow Duck” The height of the Beijing version will be taller than that of Hong Kong】”Giant Yellow Duck” is coming to Beijing next month. The location where the “little guy” will be exhibited is still a mystery.  However, the committee of Beijing Design Week and the designer of the “Giant Yellow Duck” Hofman have decided to increase the height of the originally 10m-tall “Giant Yellow Duck”. The Beijing “Giant Yellow Duck” will be taller than the 16.5m-tall Hong Kong version.

Get excited! …to the best of your ability and such. The following is from Design Week’s Weibo:

Rubber duck in Beijing

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