C4, Ep.71: It Remains Very Hot In China, Everywhere

Today on C4: Rob and Stuart do their own “how hot is it outside?” test, and realize it’s way too hot to be doing outdoor tests. Also, we think Rob may be losing his mind. Stay for the outtakes.

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    2 Responses to “C4, Ep.71: It Remains Very Hot In China, Everywhere”

    1. Markoff

      your comment about retard on te left is right, he is just plain annoying while the guy on the right should stop immitating Sheldon from TBBT, they are both poor at what they are doing

    2. Joe Zoo

      I think these guys are great. Rob and Stuart, among other styles, are using a kind of verbal slapstick comedy that may not be for everyone, but I love it! Keep on rocking guys.


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