Announcing: Chug-Off For Charity Raffle Sponsored By That’s Beijing

That's Beijing raffle

Our good friends at That’s Beijing are giving us not one, not two, but five prizes to raffle away at Saturday’s Chug-Off for Charity. As with the contestant fees, all proceeds are headed to Magic Hospital. Tickets will be priced at 10 yuan, though if you buy five, we’ll throw in an extra one for free. What can you win, you ask?

  • 4 x Peking Opera tickets
  • RMB 500 for Reignwood restaurant Le Carrousel
  • RMB 200 Zen massage VIP
  • Voucher for free workout at Hilton Gym for 2 people (value RMB 1000)
  • This is Sanlitun poster signed by cast and principal crew
  • …and possibly more

We’ve asked That’s editor-in-chief Robert Foyle Hunwick — who you know around these parts as RFH — to take a moment from deadline week to answer a few questions.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever won in a raffle?

A bottle of wine.

How about the worst?

That same bottle of wine.

Obviously there are no bad prizes available in Saturday’s raffle, but which prize would you cherish the most, and why?

The same one we can all take some comfort from: that amid all this silly macho expattery, some local children in need will (hopefully) get some of what they need. So please everyone, be generous, and don’t grumble about giving 150 kuai to charity in exchange for good food and drink. (Ed’s note: event is free to spectate, so bring your friends! Drop a tip in the donation box if you’re feeling good.)

What’s the best raffle prize you wish you would’ve won? Please say it was a chance to meet Neil Oliver.

[no reply]

Please ask your own question and answer it.

Has Tao run out of creativity? Evidently, yes.

What will you be wearing to Chug-Off for Charity?

Stay-crease stonewashed magnolia action-slacks, knit-back brown-leather driving gloves, plaid safari shirt withfaux velvet collar trim, golfing cap, Kim Jong-il sunglasses. But that all depends on whether my dry cleaner has his sh*t together.

Chug-Off for Charity is this Saturday starting at 2 pm at the new Great Leap Brewing (12 Xinzhong St).

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