Laowai Comics: Look Who’s Back!

Laowai Comics

This week marks the return of Laowai Comics! (Here was our intrepid artist’s most recent work). His newest piece will appear on Monday on his site, and he’ll resume his Thursday postings here next week. Until then, check out the full archives.

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    7 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Look Who’s Back!”

    1. FatBastard

      Not this shit again. Honestly, BJC, how come you’re missing so many stories on here? There’s loads of stuff happening. Article in FT on China’s debt, some cool subway fights, Mila Kunis being in Beijing (not that it’s very interesting but if a Chinese tattoo of some irrelevant guy makes it on here I don’t know what constitutes news anymore). I mean other blogs dig up more background information, so that’s not what people expect from BJC. What people do expect is faster news and more complete. Especially when it’s about Beijing. Not about BSG space ships or this clown who not only can’t draw but isn’t funny either. You gotta have at least one of these two aspects. /rant

    2. Chinese Netizen

      Wow…forgot he was even gone til now but welcome back.

      You should have ALL sorts of good material to get you off to a roaring start…


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