The Creamcast, Ep.08: Nevin Domer, Punk Rocker, Music Promoter

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The “emergence” of punk, in 2008, was a social interest story, as international media arrived in Beijing for Olympics coverage but “discovered” Chinese rock.

It’s different now, as Nevin Domer, COO of Maybe Mars and founder of Genjing Records, explains in our latest episode of The Creamcast.

“In the past couple of years, you’re getting proper music magazines, blogs, other taste-makers from abroad that are looking down not just at, Oh wow, China has rock music, China has punk music, whatever, but they’re actually looking at the quality of the bands, writing about music itself, writing about the musicians,” he says.

Listen as Domer talks to John Artman and Amy Daml about punk rock, his former bands, the early days of D-22, and why Michael Pettis decided to found Club XP.

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