The Creamcast, Ep.09: Badr Benjelloun Of Cuju And Beijing Daze

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Badr Benjelloun — Beijing Daze curator, IT captain at True Run media, ESL forum operator, former Tangshan teacher, capoeira practitioner, guy who does business on the side, cook, and owner of the best rum bar / Moroccon eatery in Beijing, Cu Ju – is… um… sorry, we lost our train of thought. Badr does a lot around Beijing. We’re very happy he’s here.

John Artman and Amy Daml sit with Badr over whiskey (and rum, of course) to talk about his many projects, including dazeFEAST, Middle Eastern cuisine, what it was like to run a Chinese-language boot camp, and football/soccer (he’s an FC Barcelona fan, but missed the Barca trivia question: “Barcelona is the only European club to have done what since 1955?”).

p.s. Go to Cu Ju on Fridays for 10 kuai rums.

Download Episode 9 of The Creamcast here, or listen to it on iTunes. Chad Lager, somehow, gets mentioned again.

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