Laowai Comics: A Cure

Laowai Comics

Laowai Comics is a biweekly webcomic. Beijing Cream is proud to debut its Thursday comic every week. Full archives here.

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(Monday’s comic)

    17 Responses to “Laowai Comics: A Cure”

    1. wuefh

      Does this bellend really think that we believe that there are people out there, unbiased observers, who actually think his crap is “awesome”. Not a chance in hell anyone who isn’t chugging on Laowai Comics Guy’s cock thinks this shit is any good. Stop posting comments on your own embarrassingly terrible comics. You are transparent, unfunny, like a monkey with a pen, boring, pitiful and, did I mention unfunny?

    2. narsfweasels


      Yes. When I’m not winding up stupid people.

      Or were you asking the Laowai Comics Guy? I think his body of work speaks (slim) volumes for itself.

      • terroir

        Hey. Scodes of Chinese are practicing their English with these comics.

        As the artist has nothing but “good intentions”, it’s our job to maintain our own quiet desperation as cross-cultural truths must wilt on their own under the scrutiny of public exposure.

    3. crapneedstostayinthecrapper

      The worst thing about LCG is that he actually is the epitome of what one would call a pathetic laowai loser. He’s talentless but oblivious to this fact due to the lack of honest words from the people around him. His comics linger somewhere between stupid and racist, and the irony of his finger pointing totally eludes him. I think the Bingo-cartoon (original!) he managed to shit onto a paper a while ago is his best self-criticizing work to date. You can actually use his comics to play that Bingo-card. It’s great. What school are you teaching at?

      • mike

        Yes, It’s very clever. The underlying joke here is, what? That foreigners should focus on all the ‘foreign’ honeys in China?? LMAO. Oh yeah. Good one. I’ll get right on that.


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