Laowai Comics: Clean Freaks In An Unclean World

Laowai Comics

Laowai Comics is a biweekly webcomic. Beijing Cream is proud to debut its Thursday comic every week. Full archives here.

Hat tip to Charles from Hangzhou.

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(Monday’s comic)

    8 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Clean Freaks In An Unclean World”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      I wonder if there’s an illustrated way to emphasize the board like hardness of the “mattress” as well…?

    2. james

      How about how the girls here absolutely refuse to mix their panties with the rest of the wash. WTF is up with that? Hey farmer girl it’s 2013 my washing machine goes up to 90 degrees and with soap ain’t no bacteria gonna get all up yer cooch.

      • geoff

        Holy shit, your girl lets you put her knickers in the washing machine? Mine insists on hand washing them, or rather letting them fester in the laundry basket because hand washing is actually a pain in the arse and she cant be bothered more than once a week. though in fairness, if you put anything in at 90 they’ll get wrecked so i can rather understand not wanting to melt her unmentionables

        I think it comes from the traditional habit (that we also used to have 200 years ago) of having ‘inside’ and ‘external clothes’ the inner layer would be washed and changed the outer almost never so it would be continuously coated in mud and pigshit. So clothes seem to be regarded as inherently dirty

      • name

        You really shouldn’t wash at 90 celsius, it is bad for the environment, it damages your clothes and it is useless because most modern washing powders are active at low temperatures.

    3. bag-o-dicks

      Yeah, so if it’s dirty outside then your clothes will be dirty won’t they? How damn stupid exactly is that lazy teacher fuck?

      • XuXing

        Perhaps he just got up, put on new, freshly laundered raiment and set on the bed to drink a cup of tea. I imagine even lowly teachers can be permitted to intermittently dress themselves in clean clothes.

    4. JW

      Why would you people date these retarded nong bitches? Educate them, don’t let them tell you they cant wash their filthy underwear with your clothes. Don’t let them not let you sit on your own fucking bed. Seriously… what the shit is wrong with you people?
      I just can’t imagine this ever happening in real life with a foreigner. A Chinese dude might be this fucking weak… but really?? Mind blown by your collective pussy-ass bitchness.

      This comic is not funny, just depressing. I recommend self-castration before your jianbing selling girlfriends cook your balls up in their gutter oil hot-pot.


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