Local Party Secretary Accused Of Sending In The Goons

According to the Youku description, the party secretary of a Hubei town recently siced hired thugs from his hometown onto a construction site in Shiyan due to a contractual dispute. The brawl recorded here happened on September 27 around 9 am.

    2 Responses to “Local Party Secretary Accused Of Sending In The Goons”

    1. 本级

      typical – indiscriminate bullying, note the women being beaten up
      the comrades have no sense of shame or decency – like the great helmsman famously note “power emanates from the barrel of a gun”
      in modern day China, its the guns,fists that rules
      but against external entities, the japs,koreans and even lesser beings, they wilt like pussies
      thats why the country spend a multiple of funds in “keeping stability” (code word for suppressing internal dissent”versus military spending to defend against other sovereign powers
      joke oft repeated “The chengguan would be the most effective force to reclaim the Diaoyu Islands, not the PLA”

    2. Sifu Phil

      Not very talented goons by the look of things … certainly not out for serious blood.

      I’m reminded of the mob fight scenes in the bad chop-socky films of the ’70′s. All you need here is one guy tearing down the construction site sign, and another screaming “YOU KILLED TEACHERRRRRRR!”


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