An American Basketball Player In China

Ivan Johnson in China

The CBA is back, and thank goodness. As featured on Deadspin, here’s Ivan Johnson, 29, doing a celebratory dance that in the NBA would have set him back 15 grand, because no one in corporate appreciates the Big Balls Dance.

But Big Balls Dance away, Ivan Johnson. You’re in China now. You can do anything*.

Context? You want context? Deadspin:

Johnson racked up a team-leading 24 points, 11 boards and three assists against the Jiangsu Nangang Dragons today before fouling out with just 27 minutes of play. He sank five three-pointers on eight attempts, one of them preceding his homage to Sam Cassell. For context, Johnson attempted 20 threes in his two seasons with the Hawks, and made three. Apparently, he now has range.

*Just not everything.

Ivan Johnson Is Shooting Threes And Doing The Big Balls Dance In China (Deadspin)

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