Laowai Comics: How Could You Eat That Dog?! …

Laowai Comics

Laowai Comics is a biweekly webcomic. Beijing Cream is proud to debut its Thursday comic every week. Full archives here.

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(Monday’s comic)

    23 Responses to “Laowai Comics: How Could You Eat That Dog?! …”

    1. J

      Wow. A new low.
      Chinese eat plenty of dog so this “drawing” is straight up wrong as well as racist and not funny. Congrats.

      Also.. why do you just copy and paste old meme faces onto your characters heads? I am not bashing you for the sake of it, dude. These are truly bad. Normally I would say “haters gonna hate” but you are asking for the hate you get.

    2. asdfg

      Has anyone ever said anythign positive about these comics? If not, let me be the first one: that laowai bingo thing was alright, as in I actually had a bit of a smile on my face reading that. Other than that, I’m sorry, man, the stories may be typical loawai in China situations, but really just not all that funny.

        • narsfweasels

          “They also use their real names, unlike the wonderful posters/trolls/fuckbags of Beijing Cream.”

          I have no particular problem with your comics – I have never laughed at them once. Never. Nor have I ever found them true-to-life. But there are people are appreciate them and that’s fine with me.

          But if you clearly don’t like the “fuckbags” here on Beijing Cream, then you are free to get your strip published elsewhere and spare yourself the torment. If you choose to keep it here, at least have the maturity to suffer through the abuse with dignity.

          • LCG

            Who said I don’t like those fuckbags? I love the shit out of them… if anything, they give me a good insight in the life of sheltered expats who think their assholes are like candy-incrusted gold rings.

            At least you admit that your opinion is just that, an opinion. Unlike some of them other cocknuggets.

            Expect to see my shit on here until I, or Anthony Tao, decides against.

        • asdfg

          I don’t use that alias just for what you consider troll posts, but for everything. And it wasn’t a troll post, either, it was far too polite to be considered that.

    3. Laowaied

      Great stuff – keep up the good work.

      You should do a strip on how you suddenly realize you have been in China too long when you start acting like a local. I had it the other day when I was barging my way up the escalator. It’s a very strange feeling when you think to yourself you would never behave like this at home. WTF!

      • mike

        The litmus test is Jaywalking. Pushing people on the subway, etc, is just survival. And the fact that you’re a foot taller than everyone and thus walk WAY faster. Also I noticed locals get lost in the subway station a lot.

    4. jive madra

      Whatever you’re feelings on the comic, it ccertainly roused people enough to comment! Im just surprised people make such negative comments threats and death wishes. I think such net trollery is… Well, I suppose by calling it childish im falling into said pit. But it is childish, the name calling and so forth!

    5. AtTheBackoftheHill

      Okay then….. I’ve seen gags about eating dogs in numerous Hong Kong movies. Prior to the Olympics, the government urged restaurants serving dog to shut down, in deference to the tender sensitivities of visiting white folks. There have been any number of articles from reputable news sources about dog cuisine, cat cuisine, shredded-rat-passing-for-mutton, and similar oddities. Additionally, Koreans, Vietnamese, Filippinos, and Indonesians also eat dog.

      I’ve eaten dog – in Northern Luzon, I had it with San Miguel beer, and in Sumatra it was curried.

      So two things:
      1) Not racist; the joke was on the guy who had an obliviously practical viewpoint.
      2) Indeed too small. Hardly any meat there. Barely enough for one person.

      By the way, dog is heating (热氣), and should be cooked with both 良薑 and 生菜. A hotpot is best.

    6. AtTheBackoftheHill

      紅燒狗肉 is actually rather tasty. Rinse the meat, chop it into chunks, (leave bones in), blanch it briefly in boiling water then drain, and gild it in lard with ginger and scallion. Add star anise, splash of soy sauce, yellow wine, and superior stock. If the animal is more mature also throw in a clove or two, and use more ginger, as well as some garlic. Simmer for an hour.

      嘩, 真係好食呀!

      • Med

        Cut in chunks, put ginger, star anise, soy sauce, yellow wine… Don’t bother making a list ! Just say “cook it hongshao, the way Chinese cook every kind of meat”. xD

      • Chinese Netizen

        Are you kidding? The comics are great….for being the weekly mega comment generator here.
        Otherwise we’d all be stuck with the latest in Uighur jazz music or a couple of knuckleheads pandering to the locals in order to hopefully attain the celebrity holy grail of having a “viral” video.

    7. Seany

      Consistently awful. Simply not funny and annoyingly badly drawn. Smug and not endearing in the slightest. For the love of God, just stop it. Put down your pencil, put your coat on and get out!

    8. cringe.

      What the fuck does “punny” mean?
      Were you trying to say that the dog is puny?
      Or did you misspell funny?
      Stop teaching English immediately. I have noticed dozens of horrible spelling attempts in these tragic scribbles of yours.

    9. N

      i actually laughed at this one. dont know what all the hate is about.

      also, @cringe: “punny” is a dig at the Korean character’s accent. The overall joke being that they’re all scandalized about eating dog meat… except the Korean guy, embodying the stereotype that Korean’s eat dogs.

      its just a fun comic strip on a website that doesn’t even take itself that seriously. jesus, you people. why the hell do you all need to get this worked up over nothing.


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