Saturday Night Musical Outro: Jacky Danny

Jacky Danny is one of the best rock bands in China, and here’s the video to prove it.

Here’s more of Jonathan Alpart’s The Sound Stage on CRI.

    8 Responses to “Saturday Night Musical Outro: Jacky Danny”

    1. King Tubby

      JA. Give up the horse tranquilliser, it warps ones judgement.

      Christ, they are fucking appalling.

      Give me string of rock clichés, and I’ll give you a “Chinese rock band”.

      On second thoughts, they are worse than appalling.

      Rubbish shanzhai dog shit with amplification.

      But, if horse tranquilliser works for you ……

      • Jonathan Alpart

        It’s an insult to call these guys shanzhai. That would imply they’re just trying to make a cheap buck. They work hard and put a lot into playing music that very few people care about, and it pays zilch. Anyone who cares about music and knows what it takes to be a proper musician and a decent band would respect them.

    2. King Tubby

      “They work hard and put a lot into playing music that very few people care about, and it pays zilch”.

      Why you should ask yourself, Mr Alpart?

      Well, they’re obviously no-talent bums recycling dated e-grade western rock riffs and postures. I think I’d prefer to listen to Beijing opera.

      But hey, all is not lost. They might be good for a Han style knock-off version of Spinal Tap.

      Horse tranquilliser, my friend. Just say no!

    3. Bort

      Yeah…I care about music and know what it takes to be a proper musician. These guys clearly do neither. It doesn’t exactly take proper musician to play 4 power chords through an overdriven amp.

      And what can Chinese Jack Sparrow honestly claim to know about being a cowboy? This is imitation without understanding.

    4. Jonathan Alpart

      I shouldn’t even respond, but I want to leave a statement for anyone who happens to be reading this.

      You guys are completely missing the point. If you personally don’t like Jacky Danny, who cares? The Sound Stage is a show about Chinese independent music, but more importantly, the underlying theme is “there are these things happening right now in modern China.” If Jacky Danny isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other acts to choose from. I’ve done over 50 of these, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s happening in China.

      So it follows that both of your judgements of these guys being Spinal Tap, Jack Sparrows or not “understanding” cowboys is totally ridiculous. Just some 30 years ago Chinese people could hardly breathe without permission. The fact that they can prance around like Axl Rose if they fancy to is incredible. Not to mention the song is actually quite badass. That’s why I said they are one of the best bands in China, because they are. So sorry you don’t think they measure up to, perhaps, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin (which are all shanzhai bands, to have it your way).

      Your argument that I should be asking myself why they aren’t commercially successful in China is disingenuous. You and I and everyone here all knows that there is hardly any market in China for music outside of the mainstream.

    5. King Tubby

      You, my friend, wouldn’t know a McCarthy novel if it bit you on the bum. Managed to read the trilogy – My Pretty Horses, The Crossing, City on the Plains – in 00 while in the ROK, and I was already well behind the times.

      You can peddle this posturing shyte all you like, but it is a bit like French rock bands….an oxymoron.

      I strongly suggest that you stick a Fender up your bum.

      Alternatively, you should join Mr Short and Mr Feola in a suicide pact and off yourselves by jumping into the village outhouse.

      Get lost.

      I wa

    6. Bill Wang

      Jacky Danny are rip off artists in the way that just screams Beijing. Beijing’s still in its musical adolescence, and this is pretty typical of that. Not that that’s a problem. These guys are the very definition of unintentional hipster irony.


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