Laowai Comics: Chinese Mixology 101

Laowai Comics

Laowai Comics is a biweekly webcomic. Beijing Cream is proud to debut its Thursday comic every week. Full archives here.

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(Monday’s comic)

    14 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Chinese Mixology 101”

    1. bag-o-dicks


      One shot of Chinese penis wine
      Half a Viagra (crushed)
      Ten blueberries
      Pineapple juice

      Muddle the blueberries and dick pill in a tumbler. Add the shot of penis wine and top up with pineapple juice. “enjoy”!

      • LCG

        That actually sounds pretty good! Does it work well?

        If I ever get around to do a Part 3, may I include it? (giving you proper credit, of course, dear ol’ Fan Number One)

        • bag-o-dicks

          Yeah, it works. But it’s important to get good penis wine. Really, you need the stuff with three penises in there. And like, a proper whole dogs dick – not just some cheap scrap of foreskin like some of these jokers try and palm you off with.

      • Jay

        Where the hell do you get blueberries in China?

        I’ve traveled to a lot of cities, and have been in hundreds of different supermarkets and wet markets and never once seen a fresh blueberry in China.

        Freeze-dried, a couple times, but never fresh.

        • bag-o-dicks

          They have them in supermarkets in Beijing.

          And in Mongolian techan shops you can get dried wild blueberries, though gram for gram they probably cost about as much as gold.

      • Med

        Flash news : if you don’t look at it, and don’t bitch about it every time a new one comes up… well everything is gonna be just fine ! Isn’t it amazing?

    2. Arnold

      You’re wrong, Med. The only funny thing about these comics is the comments that they provoke. It’s like watching a rubbish clown being pelted with rotten fruit. Every single week. Now that’s funny.

      • LCG

        Hummm… I think your anal-ogy is a bit off. I’d rather compare it to a group of elderly retards shitting their pants, drooling, and shouting incoherent shit at the TV in the common room of their mental hospital.

        • Sack o Cocks

          A better analogy would be a talentless child, continuously performing to indulgent parents, in the misguided belief that he’s good. Then going on in later life to ply his bilge on unsuspecting netizens, despite outrage and protests that his work sucks. Maybe we’ll find out later that this is all part of the “art”. All of the comics are a comment on over-indulgent Chinese parents and grandparents?

    3. Jay

      Zhongguo Libre?

      Agitating for revolution in China, are you?

      Historically this kind of thing can be bad for your health.

      You rebel you.

    4. Trevor

      “Anal-ogy” – yet more comedy gold! When is this guy going to miss the mark? How is it possible for one man to be so consistently hilarious?


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