“Laowai Style” Comedian Does Stand-Up On BTV

A self proclaimed “Fullbright welfare queen”, Jessie Appell has been in China studying the Chinese art of “crosstalk” or Xiangsheng since 2012. He’s since branched out, doing stand-up comedy in Chinese full-time making appearances like this (old, but freshly sub-titled) one on BTV and creating viral Chinese/English videos like “Laowai Style” and “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Fazhan.”

This isn’t your average “white dude on TV.” Jessie has some serious chops — a real 小山 — and he’s started the Laugh Beijing project to connect cultures through comedy. Keep an eye out for him this January 30th at the Irish Volunteer in Lido or in the pages of this week’s Economist.

    2 Responses to ““Laowai Style” Comedian Does Stand-Up On BTV”

    1. Lezard

      Except both those music videos are about as funny as cancer. Jessie might have “serious” chops but he doesn’t have funny bones. He tries way to hard and his lame stand-up routines are wack. they wouldn’t cut the ice in any reputable English language stand-up club. That said, I might give him another chance at the Irish


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