Interview: Kin Hong’s 67 Words On The Return Of The Taco Bar

Before it closed last year, Kin Hong’s Taco Bar was a gem of a restaurant tucked away in the hutongs. You had to reserve in advance, and it was tough to find. But it was totally worth it for the killer fish tacos and liberally poured glasses of sangria and tequila.

Fortunately, the Taco Bar is coming back, now in a new as-yet-to-decided Sanlitun location. We decided to reach out to Kin to get the skinny.

Unfortunately, during this interview that totally happened face to face and not over email, Kin’s arm was viciously mauled by an eagle that flew into Beijing Cream’s CBD studios. Since our customary supply of opiates had been raided during a recent visit during a visit from Editor in Chief Anthony Tao, Kin was able to only feebly type out his answers to our in-person queries using one mangled, and sadly non-drug-addled hand.

Beijing Cream: So, you’re bringing back the Taco Bar!


Beijing Cream:  What made you leave in the first place?


Beijing Cream: And why are you coming back?


Beijing Cream: What have you been up to since closing the Taco Bar?

scavenging for money

Beijing Cream: What’s your background as a chef?

i eat a lot.

Beijing Cream: What made you want to do Tacos?

rocky likes eating them.

Rocky copy

Beijing Cream: What makes your take on tacos different?

i like eating them.

Beijing Cream: Your last restaurant was a sort of secret reservations only kind of deal. Is your new place going to be like this too?

i don’t understand this question.

Beijing Cream: So are you planning any new changes with the reboot?

i am not a computer.

Beijing Cream: What do you think of the Mexican food in China?

i don’t understand this question?

Beijing Cream: Tequila.

sure, you buying?

Beijing Cream: Anything you’re looking forward to? Last ruminations?

Stop using big words that i don’t understand.

Beijing Cream: Thanks, Kin!

Sorry about being vague. There is much still to be discussed and decided amongst us, so we don’t want to set any unnecessary expectations. I’m a grower, not a shower.

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