Laowai Comics: Speaking Korean

Laowai Comics

Laowai Comics is a biweekly webcomic. Beijing Cream is proud to debut its Thursday comic every week. Full archives here.

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(Monday’s comic)

    6 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Speaking Korean”

    1. Wade

      Where is everybody? This has been up for four hours and nobody has projected their weekly frustrations and deeper feelings of inadequacy on the artist yet! Come on, I need my “weekly worst of humanity” fix. Bag O Dicks, what happened? Did your cardboard box collapse and you have nowhere to set your laptop anymore ;-)?

      • bag o dicks

        I’m almost too pissed off to type. Where the fuck was this yesterday when I was good and riled up after being fired from my kindy class and into one too many glasses of morning cooking baijiu?

        These comics are badly drawn, not funny and they turn up too late!

        • Jay

          It’s a bit humorous – at least it is if he didn’t even know what he was saying, and was just repeating sounds from his childhood – the mystical words one says before martial arts moves…..

          If he knew what the words meant – then it’s not even humorous.

          • Peng

            Ha ha ha. I like it. It reminds me of the time I asked a Mexican if his butt was hot from eating the spicy foods. Everyone laughed and agreed I was a funnyguy. Peng.


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