A Falun Gong Practitioner Made A Headline In Chinese Media

He was charged with rape.

Sun, a 63-year-old Falun Gong practitioner, is alleged to have had sex with the women from cities across China, including Shanghai and Beijing, by claiming he was the father of Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi and that he could “purify” them by “injecting high-energy material” — his sperm — into their bodies, according to Huixian County prosecutors office.

(Shanghai Daily)

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    1. biopower

      eh… some background may be helpful: FLG is a traditional spiritual/qigong practice. it’s been persecuted since 1999. heavy vilifying hate propaganda for a long time. arbitrary arrests, disappearances, torture, labor camps, forced conversion, extrajudicial killings, and so forth. then… SILENCE. This is the first time in a very long time that there has been anti-Falun Gong propaganda in the Chinese media. The timing is also interesting, given that Li Dongsheng (head of 610 Office, the extrajudicial agency that organizes the persecution) has been taken down, and ZYK too apparently (ZYK was put in charge of the politics and law committee by jiang zemin because he was loyal and quite enthusiastic in effecting the campaign against the heretics.)

      So what does this item mean? I cannot guess. A comeback? Who knows.

      Mr. Tao: it may have been worth mentioning that the SOURCE of the ‘news’ piece in question was Kaiwind.com. In english that’s http://facts.org.cn/. it’s a very factual website, of course. such enlightening headlines include “Falun Gong Killed My Husband (Photo)”, “5 Insane Religious Cults That Are Active Today”, “Oversea Falun Gong Key Members Die or Fall Ill”, and my all time favorite: “The So-called Persecution, the Fabricating Rumor”. Facts are great when your brain gets dirty.

    2. Tiu Fu Fong

      I don’t think any religious group should be persecuted for their beliefs or their perceived threat to the CCCP as an alternate organisation.

      That said, if I was forced to choose one religion/spiritual practice to persecute, FLG would probably be it.


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