TimeOut Releases List Of “100 Best Mainland Chinese Films”

TimeOut's list of best mainland Chinese films

It’s not often that a press release makes us perk up, but earlier today TimeOut publicized its list of 100 best films made in mainland China, and it’s really impressive. As editor James Wilkinson writes:

Some 88 experts from around the world – including celebrated directors such as sixth generation pioneer Wang Xiaoshuai (The Days) and Cannes Camera d’Or winner Anthony Chen (Ilo Ilo), and critic/director Mark Cousins – contributed to the poll, with their favourites being compiled into the final list.

You can check out screenshots of the films, a look at who voted, and other fun information over at TimeOut’s website. For now, the complete list is below — and yes, there are so many good ones, led by Chen Kaige’s stellar story of two Peking Opera stars over the course of the Cultural Revolution (one of the most brutally honest portrayals of that time period). How many have you seen? And how many will you now try to find?

1) Farewell My Concubine

2) Spring in a Small Town (1948)

3) Devils on the Doorstep

4) In the Heat of the Sun

5) The Pickpocket (aka Xiao Wu)

6) West of the Tracks

7) Yellow Earth

8) To Live

9) The Goddess

10) Street Angel

11) Still Life

12) Red Sorghum

13) Raise the Red Lantern

14) The Blue Kite

15) Blind Shaft

16) Platform

17) Suzhou River

18) The Sun Also Rises

19) Hibiscus Town

20) Summer Palace

21) Ju Dou

22) Black Snow

23) Two Stage Sisters

24) Havoc in Heaven

25) The Horse Thief

26) Petition

27) Oxhide

28) Let the Bullets Fly

29) Crazy Stone

30) Hero

31) The Big Road

32) Unknown Pleasures

33) Mr Zhao

34) Woman Demon Human

35) Sacrifice of Youth

36) King of the Children

37) Peacock

38) Mountain Patrol

39) Spring Fever

40) The Life of a Peking Policeman

41) The Crows and Sparrows

42) Back to Back, Face to Face

43) The Spring River Flows East

44) The Story of Qiu Ju

45) Prince Nezha’s Triumph Against Dragon King

46) In Expectation

47) City of Life and Death

48) Shower

49) Early Spring in February

50) The Dream Factory

51) A Touch of Sin

52) Beijing Bicycle

53) 24 city

54) Emperor Visits the Hell

55) Miserable at Middle Age

56) The Days

57) The Troubleshooters

58) New Women

59) My Memories of Old Beijing

60) Father

61) For Fun

62) Taking Father Home

63) Keep Cool

64) Oxhide II

65) Girl Basketball Player No 5

66) Purple Butterfly

67) On the Beat

68) The Search

69) The Missing Gun

70) Third Sister Liu

71) The World

72) A World Without Thieves

73) The Black Cannon Incident

74) Winter Vacation

75) House of Flying Daggers

76) If You are The One

77) People Mountain, People Sea

78) 11 Flowers

79) Doctor Ma’s Country Clinic

80) Disorder

81) East Palace, West Palace

82) The Legend of Sealed Book

83) Assembly

84) Long Live the Mistress

85) Lin Jia Pu Zi

86) Karamay

87) Princess Iron Fan

88) Fortune Teller

89) Cow

90) Drug War

91) The Next Life

92) Song of the Fisherman

93) Waves Washing the Sand

94) Zero Thousand Li Under the Clouds and Moon

95) Ermo

96) Last Train Home

97) The Swordsman in Double-Flag Town

98) Beijing Bastards

99) The September of Mine

100) The Message

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    1. Gargh

      Good to see The Sun Also Rises way up there. That film is absolutely glorious and for my money Jiang Wen’s best so far.


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