3 UFOs Fall In Heilongjiang [UPDATE]

UFO landing in Heilongjiang

Three “unidentified flying objects” fell from the sky and landed in Yi’an and Baiquan counties in Heilongjiang province early this morning, described as “balls of fire.” China News reports:

The Yi’an county government confirmed in the afternoon that Mengchang villagers heard a big noise and then saw a big ball of fire falling down to a vegetable garden belonging to a villager.

Photos taken by villagers showed that the object is a metal ball, half-covered by a layer with a jagged edge.

From this angle, it looks like a Chain Chomp from Mario:

UFO landing in Heilongjiang 2

Hopefully authorities identify these objects sooner than later, before People’s Daily’s Twitter truly loses it. What do we think these things are?

UPDATE, 5/20, 12:51 am: They were rocket parts, probably.

UFO landing in Heilongjiang 3

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