Beijing From Above: Aerial Shots Render City In Amazing New Light

Matthew Niederhauser, who’s putting finishing touches on a film called Kapital Creation that documents Beijing’s development, recently uploaded a Vimeo featuring stunning aerial footage of this city. It’s interesting how a simple rotation of perspective can completely change how we view a place — and makes you realize the value of a window office atop a skyscraper (or a blimp). Watch the video; you’re unlikely to find urban Beijing rendered more beautifully.

The music is greeN by White+. Some screenshots:

Kapital Creations 1 Kapital Creations 2 Kapital Creations 6 Kapital Creations 3 Kapital Creations 4 Kapital Creations 5

In case you didn’t click through the Kapital Creation link, here’s the excellent preview for Niederhauser’s movie (made in conjunction with director/cinematographer John Fitzgerald):

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