Laowai Comics: Microaggression

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    13 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Microaggression”

    1. jixiang

      I realize that some Westerners do exaggerate when they take offense for this sort of thing.

      Having said that…in the UK it actually is rude to ask somebody where they are from just because, for instance, they are black. You can assume that someone’s a foreigner because of their accent, but not their appearance.

      When Chinese people ask foreign children who were born in China and go to primary school here “where they come from”, that’s when it starts getting suspicious.

    2. Asian2x

      You are totally demeening the prblem. You don’t know what it is like to be a minorty in a country where this is systimatic. Maybe you should take a colloege calss on what it is like to be an Asian American. As an Asian American, I learned a lot about being an Asian American from that calss.

      • Wade

        Listen, my daughter has two Caucasian parents but is growing up in China. She fully bilingual, she has been in China for most of her life, but everywhere she goes she is still treated like a dumb laowai. How is this any different?

        • Asian2x

          You just dnot’ understand what it is like being an asin female in Americna. We get fetishised by creepers, and no one accepts us as Americna, even though I was born here. You can’t imagine waht it is like when people ask me stuff lie where to get good Chinese food. Someone even aksed me where the bset sushu is! I don’t even eat raw fish! Just because I am Asnia!

    3. mike

      They will never actually ‘talk’ to you or indulge their “curiosity” by asking you anything (like in the comic). They’ll just stare at you for 45 mins and snicker whenever you speak (no matter how fluently). Yeah. It gets annoying sometimes.

      Why would anyone be annoyed by someone walking up to them with a smile and talking?! It’s the creepy/socially retarded shit we find unnerving.

        • CJ

          Can you type maybe three words in a row without spelling even the simplest incorrect? Or you just trolling as an Asian lady who hates sushi? Were you the one who refused to eat Jiro’s raw fish?

    4. asdfg

      the difference is of course that approximately not one foreigner is an actual immigrant, let alone 2nd or later generation immigrant. Although he hates it, lcg is still an obvious tourist. Should also be clear he’s got nothing to whine about as positive discrimination still far exceeds this sort of trivial stuff.

      • Kristen

        Being asked the same exact questions by people who have no actual interest in having a real conversation with you can be tedious and frustrating. Im not sure where the positive discrimination occurs when waiting at the bus stop or anywhere else that you talk about … this is just a comic showing how annoying something some people do is.

        • mike

          Huh? This comic is obviously poking fun at 洋鬼子 in China … once again, trying to take down that strawman by grossly exaggerating the reactions that white guys have in China. Nothing realistic is being portrayed here, so he’s really undercutting his own message. He’s defending China, basically.


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