Top-of-the-Week Links: Chengguan beat expat’s dog to death, Yao Ming interested in buying Clippers, and how long do Hong Kong women look in the mirror?

Chongqing Color Run
Inaugural Chongqing Color Run, via CRI English

Summer is here links.

Chengguan. “The man, who asked to remain anonymous, was walking his dog early in the morning on Saturday (May 24) near his Sihui residential compound when he was approached by the officials who initially demanded to see his registration papers for the dog. The man, who has a firm grasp of Mandarin, explained that he had only recently acquired the dog and that he was still in the process of registering the animal after having it vaccinated. At that point, the officials told him he was ‘out of order,’ before holding him back, beating his dog four times with sticks, and scooping the dog’s body into a bag.” (the Beijinger)

Human beaten to death. “Police and security officials are investigating a shocking video that appears to show youths beating a teenager unconscious, then urinating on him as he lies on the ground. // According to unconfirmed claims online, the victim of the assault died. // Xinhua news agency reported last night that the attack had taken place in the Chaoyang District of Beijing.” (Shanghai Daily)

He’s 26. He’ll be all right. “A Chinese blogger says he was fired from his job at one of China’s leading Internet companies for his comments during a February meeting in Beijing with the American secretary of state, John Kerry. // Zhang Jialong, who worked for Tencent Financial, said he was notified last week that he was being dismissed for ‘leaking business secrets and other confidential and sensitive information.’” (Sinosphere)

Interesting way to reward good deeds. “Students in some regions of China will be awarded extra points for good morality or Samaritan acts in the upcoming gaokao, or national college entrance examinations. // Thirty-one provincial level regions in China announced new policies in 2014 for gaokao, and 13 of them will give bonus points for student good behavior.” (Global Times)

Thursday’s incident. “Five suicide bombers carried out the attack which killed 31 people in the capital of China’s troubled Xinjiang region, state media reported a day after the deadliest terrorist attack to date in the region.” (Reuters)

He’d make a fine owner. “The Los Angeles Clippers are not yet for sale, but two former NBA All-Stars are among the various parties assembling ownership groups to potentially buy the franchise, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. // Once competitors on the court, Grant Hill and Yao Ming now will be among those vying to purchase the Clippers, sources told // Sources told on Friday that Grant Hill and Yao Ming are working separately to line up investors to lodge bids for the Clippers when the team is ultimately made available.” (ESPN)

Roads. “Ten people died and 32 others were injured after a large truck hit a small lorry carrying 41 workers in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, local authorities said.” (Xinhua)

Anti-terrorism. “Northeast China’s Liaoning province has opened an anti-terror hotline, 96110, and promised to give rewards of up to 500,000 yuan ($80,170) for useful information, a local newspaper said.” (

Vain or not? “Hong Kong women spend an average 36 minutes a day looking at themselves in the mirror but apparently they don’t like what they see. // …YWCA spokeswoman Tammy So Yim-fong said the time spent by locals looking at themselves in the mirror was less than the daily global average of 6.1 times and 50 minutes.” (The Standard)

Another running death. “A college student died during a half marathon yesterday morning in Kunming City of southwest China’s Yunnan Province, reported. // The 20-year-old boy, a freshman in a local college, fell into a coma some 16 km behind the starting line and died in a hospital later.” (

Not enough left-ear cartilage. “A six-year-old boy whose ears were alleged hacked off by his aunt in central China’s Hubei Province, has had his surgery postponed, his father said today.” (Shanghai Daily)

Xi Jinping on Xinjiang interlude:


“Beijing Fast Forwards to the Future.” (Gary Shteyngart, Travel and Leisure)

“Cairo Says China’s Fake Sphinx Harms Egypt’s ‘Cultural Heritage.’” (WSJ)

“Man falls to his death at Beijing airport in apparent suicide.” (That’s Online)

Tsering Woeser poem. (Paul Mooney, Facebook)

“‘Follow Me’ couple returns to Hong Kong.” (Shanghaiist)

“Exploring Hong Kong’s Creepy Abandoned Abattoir.” (Hong Wrong)

Finally, finally…

Via Shanghai Daily: “A bride wore nearly 80 gold bracelets during her wedding Friday in the city of Zhongshan in southern China’s Guangdong Province, astonishing the online community with her wealth, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported”:
Wedding bride 70 gold bracelets

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    1. mike

      Beijing Fast Forwards to the Future.

      Loved this quote.

      “Lilly, Chinese American, Chicago-born, MIT-educated, works at the locus of technology and education (she has since returned to the States) ”

      Brimming with intellect, and even met the “cultural requirements” for a CN Company. Kicked out of China (or fled in terror). Sounds about right.


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