Top-of-the-Week Links: Trouble in Vietnam, the Great Wall Marathon, and China’s new Liu Xiang?

Thousands of girls join in bikini activity at water park, Guangzhou
“Thousands of girls join in bikini activity at water park, Guangzhou,” via

Posts will be sparse for this week. Vacation links.

Developing story of the weekend:

“Anti-China Protests Spread in Vietnam Over Oil Rig Dispute.” (Global Voices)

“Attacks Lead Thousands Of Chinese To Flee Vietnam.” (China Digital Times)

“The Second Sino-Vietnamese War (and why it’s not going to happen).” (FOARP)

It’s almost that time… “As long as I live, I’ll never forget the rickshaw driver, tears streaming down his cheeks, rushing a gravely injured student to hospital — and away from the soldiers who had just gunned him down. // That rickshaw driver was a brave man, a better man than I, and he taught me an indelible lesson.” (Nicholas Kristof, NY Times)

Boko Haram suspected. “Ten Chinese workers in northern Cameroon are missing following an attack last week by gunmen, the Chinese Embassy in the West African country said. // The embassy said the identity of the assailants was unknown, but it noted that the area had seen frequent attacks by Boko Haram, the militant Islamist group that has said it kidnapped more than 200 girls last month in northern Nigeria, an act that has triggered worldwide condemnation and pledges of assistance from the United States and other countries to help track them down.” (Sinosphere)

Xinjiang railway station attack update. “Terrorist group the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) was behind the attack that killed three people and injured 79 others at a train station in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, last month, authorities said on Sunday.” (Xinhua)

Well, well. “Hyon Song-wol, a well-known female performer in North Korea, made headlines last summer in one of the most sensational yet unconfirmed news reports about the reclusive country. // Some newspapers in South Korea and Japan reported at the time that Ms. Hyon was not only a former girlfriend of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, but that she had been executed by firing squad for producing pornography. // But Ms. Hyon appeared at a national gathering of artists on Friday. Her appearance, broadcast on the North’s state-run television, serves as the latest cautionary tale for journalists covering North Korea, one of the most isolated countries in the world.” (NY Times)

Of course. “Two Chinese fishermen released by Philippine authorities have said that sea turtles they were accused of poaching were actually traded from a Vietnamese fishing boat.” (Xinhua)

Sports in Shanghai, part 1. “China’s Xie Wenjun stunned a star-studded field, including the top three finishers in Moscow worlds last year, to win the men’s 110m hurdles with a personal best of 13.23 seconds at the 2014 Diamond League Shanghai meet here on Sunday.” (Xinhua)

Sports in Shanghai, part 2. “At less than two minutes, the 800 meters is not an especially long race. That didn’t keep Algerian star Taoufik Makhloufi from cruising the last few strides at yesterday’s Diamond League competition in Shanghai, waving his arms and wagging his tongue in victory. That premature celebration cost him the race—and the $10,000 grand prize.” (Deadspin)

Good luck. “Beijing will move 300 heavy polluters out of the capital before October to reduce smog and speed up industrial reform, according to authorities.” (China Daily)

From the creators of “What Kind of Asian Are You?” interlude:


A free air-quality app. (Airpocalypse)

“Artist Who Spoke Up About Tiananmen ‘Beaten Unconscious’ in HK Toilet.” (Hong Wrong)

“Jin Porn Mei: Comic Book Adaptations of the Chinese Novel.” (Nick Stember)

“China Film File: China at Cannes, Product Placement, and ‘Transformers’ Hype.” (Jing Daily)

“Shanghai ‘most popular city’ for migrants.” (China Daily)

“Cat Saves American Boy from Vicious Dog, Chinese Reactions.” (chinaSMACK)

“Passersby Ignore Chinese Old Man Beaten to Death in New York.” (chinaSMACK)

Finally, finally…

The Great Wall Marathon was Saturday. Here’s a photo via Bridget O’Donnell:
Great Wall Marathon 2014 by Bridget O'Donnell

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