Flash Fiction: The Stories Are In!

Yunnan Amber in the Courtyard image

Thank you for answering the call, Beijing writers. I’ve anonymized all entries and sent them over to our judges, who now have the truly unenviable task of choosing just five. We’ll reach out to each writer individually later this week (Thursday at the latest). Important note: if you submitted but did NOT receive a confirmation email, PLEASE EMAIL US AGAIN as soon as possible. We had an untimely server hiccup over the weekend, but everything is now fixed.

We’re in the process of confirming an exact time, but expect the event to begin in the late afternoon. The location will be the hutong Great Leap Brewing, i.e. Original No. 6. Due to space restrictions, we are taking seat reservations: please email fiction@beijingcream.com to ensure your spot (otherwise you might find yourself standing in the back). The entry is 50 rmb, all of which will go to the charity Educating Girls of Rural China. We’ll give you a free beer, too.

For more information, follow our Flash Fiction for Charity tag. Please come back later this week as we roll out event previews and reveal which celebrity readers will be joining us.

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