We’re updating our commenting policy

Hi everyone, I’m Anthony Tao, I am in debt and left China in ignominy, never to return,

so I guess none of you will see me at Black Sun anymore.

Also, RFH does not exist.

Mind blown gif

Welcome to the brave new world of comments moderation! It’s not because we think trolls don’t deserve their platform to entertain the rest of us, and I don’t even mind the impostors –

Anthony Tao imposter

– but at some point in a blog’s life, the racism, homophobia, and vulgarity becomes unnecessarily dispiriting — the operative word being unnecessary – and misrepresentative of what we and our readers are about. I didn’t budge after the fatwa –

BCJ anthony tao fatwa

– but the day has come, I’m afraid. Apologies, everyone. Here’s how things will work from now on:

1. Register or log in.

2. Write comment; wait for it to be approved.

3. After a one-time administrative approval, you’re good to comment whenever.

As RFH — who is very much a figment of our imaginations – says, “Slag us off if you want, but no libel, race hate, homophobia and generally behaving like a drunk fake baron.”

By the way, we know who’s behind all those insane, angry, and, frankly, pitiable comments you’ve seen lately — someone curiously obsessed with debts, who equates owing a bar tab with murder – but we think it best to let him quietly live out his sad days in anonymity.

Just kidding. We got a special post coming soon. In the meantime, all posts under his IP address will be appended with the [CRAZY PERSON] and/or [TROLL] tag.

We’ve already begun removing the more inflammatory comments. Please let us know if you encounter anything else worth our attention.

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support. Great days are ahead.

UPDATE: Help Us Find Beijing Cream’s No. 1 Troll

    6 Responses to “We’re updating our commenting policy”

    1. King Tubby

      This must be your 100 Flowers Campaign.
      Giving all those bad elements and poisonous weeds a bit of oxygen before offing them.

    2. Claus Rasmussen

      I may be late here (just saw the article), but why not use Disqus (https://disqus.com/) as many other sites do ? It is much easier for us users and provide you with the tools for moderation that you need


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