The Creamcast, Ep.19: Tech In China (Bookworm Literary Festival)

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On March 21 as part of the Bookworm Literary Festival, Mark Natkin (founder and managing director of Marbridge Consulting), Kaiser Kuo (director of international relations at Baidu), and Josh Gartner (senior director of international relations at sat down with Eric Jou for a panel discussion called Tech in China. They spoke on artificial intelligence, O2O, censorship, the market, and woolly mammoths — all of which you can listen to in this week’s episode.


13-minute-mark: Josh Gartner on Baidu’s IPO and the ecosystems available to start-ups now.

20:20: Kaiser on “success,” and whether that necessitates going abroad; be sure to catch his woolly mammoth analogy, which begins at 21:20.

27:40: Mark Natkin talks about Xiaomi and its advantages going into a market like India.

28:00: Eric Jou asks a question that touches on protectionism.

30-minute: Great Firewall… Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google…

Kaiser makes a defense of the plucky, small, versatile Chinese entrepreneur vs. “the manager” of bigger, established foreign companies that “never really stood much of a chance against the equally well funded, scrappy, incredibly hungry entrepreneurs.”

34:15: O2O in China, i.e. Online to Offline — specifically how China is leading the way.

42:30: Natkin on some of the amazing services that are available due to low cost of fulfillment: did you know you can call someone to come to you, wherever you’re at, to do your nails? Or have a chef shop and cook for you in your kitchen? (“iAyi,” as Kaiser quips.) Also: closing of inefficiency gaps, exemplified by taxi apps.

49:30: How to make technology smarter? What does the future hold?

There’s some unfortunate construction that interrupts the proceedings at the 5:30 mark, but then we closed the windows and it got better.

The Creamcast would like to thank Popup Chinese for letting us use their studio and Great Leap Brewing for their generous support.

Download Episode 19 of The Creamcast here, or listen to it on iTunes.

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