Lovingly Filmed Sanlitun Video Turns Into… Something Else

Maybe you’ve already seen this because it was published two years ago, but I found it just now and can’t resist publishing, because there’s some high-definition goodness happening here.

“I couldn’t fall asleep so at 3 a.m I took my camera and tripod to the drinking hub to see what a friday would bring,” says the video description from Jordan Leahy. It begins with an eye-level shot of malatang, the soft smoke from the boiling broth lingering in the cool autumn air. There are scenes of foreigners and toddlers alike, couples talking to one another in front of TV screens, balloon merchants under the pale yellow light of what will soon be another in Sanlitun’s long string of forgotten nights. The slow pan of vendors. The arrays of street food. The accretions of light. A purpling interlude between twilight and dawn…

It’s all prelude for what happens beginning at the 1:50 mark. Feel to fast-forward.

Ahhh, Sanlitun.

    3 Responses to “Lovingly Filmed Sanlitun Video Turns Into… Something Else”

    1. Jordan Leahy

      That’s cool. I remember that night like it was yesterday and it was just another bar night. To the Chinese Netizen’s comments, national identity is completely erased after 2 am in any country on a bar street.

      Yea… I miss sanlitun…..



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