Reliving Championships Never Gets Old

There’s something visceral and raw to being a sports fan, knowing your passion and emotions are probably misappropriated but continuing nonetheless on your Quixotic pursuit to will your team to victory. Nothing quite captures this spirit like fan POV videos, particularly at the conclusion of major events. In the above, Beijing is 6.1 seconds away from clinching... Read more »

Chillax With Jason Chu’s “Love Letter To Beijing”

Jason Chu Love Letter to Beijing
Jason Chu, from New York City to Beijing, is leaving in three weeks for Los Angeles, and he claims on his website that it's for good (but not without a party -- "You are ALL INVITED to 'Goodbye, Beijing.' – a farewell concert, EP release party, and video premiere coming 4/21 in Beijing’s 798 Art District"). He released the above video on Sunday as a preview. Check it out. Youku video for those in China after the jump, as well as lyrics.

Is This The Best Chair Dance In China?

Youku user wenyulu has quite the collection of videos of herself dancing — mostly while wearing very short skirts, though I’m not sure if a “skirt” that fails to cover up underwear can be called that — but none are quite as good as the above, which was uploaded four days ago. The video description... Read more »

It’s The Weekend, So Grab A Seat

Grab a seat featured image
Those who don't know, Qingming Festival is Wednesday, which means most of us had to work Saturday and Sunday but get today, tomorrow and Wednesday off. Don't question it. Sit down and enjoy BJC's weekend content.

“Spring Breeze” Is China’s Latest Cleverly Titled Campaign Against The Internet

Malena Morgan
They have a way with words, don't they? First there was "sweeping the yellow" -- which in Chinese is the poetically sibilant saohuang -- targeting organized prostitution. Then there was the Green Dam, a "filtering" software that one of China's ministries wanted to require every locally produced computer to preinstall. And now? Spring Breeze.

CBA Finals: Beijing’s Series-Clinching Win In Its Entirety

Beijing Ducks clinch finals featured image
Our coverage of the CBA Finals continues: Above (Youku video for those in China after the jump): the final 17 seconds of last night’s game, in which the Beijing Ducks — with Stephon Marbury on the bench with six fouls — tries to protect a two-point lead. Watch as Guangdong gets three shots to at... Read more »

Sina Weibo, China’s Largest Microblogging Service, Punished For Lazy Censorship

BJC's Sina Weibo
The ripples from those stupid coup rumors two weeks ago are finally hitting shore. You remember, right? Those stupid, stupid rumors in which Bo Xilai’s faction was supposedly overthrowing the CCP? We called it “tanks vs. Ferraris.” Authorities were at first mum about this scuttlebutt, but of course they couldn’t let it go unpunished. As... Read more »

The Funniest Moment From Last Night’s CBA Championship Award Ceremony

Award ceremony video; Youku video for those in China after the jump. No, it wasn’t the fans booing lustily at the roll call of Guangdong players (who didn’t take the court), eventually transitioning into responding “stupid cunt” to every call. The funniest moment was when the tallest player in the CBA (quite possibly the tallest... Read more »

In Beijing, The New Champion Of Chinese Basketball

They kept trying to jinx it, I swear to God they did. Before tonight's game, the club gave away t-shirts (white, per Stephon Marbury's suggestion) that read, "March 30, 2012: Beijing Ducks are champions." With 21.9 seconds left, Beijing up two and Guangdong set to inbound, the crowd chanted, "Championship! Championship!"

Breaking: Beijing Taxi Fuel Surcharge Increases To 3 Yuan, Effective Tomorrow

Beijing cab
Starting tomorrow, taxis will charge 3 yuan instead of 2 yuan for distances over 3 kilometers. According to CNR, this regulation was approved by the Beijing Municipal Government in accordance with the National Development and Reform Commission’s increase in the price of refined oil to 600 yuan per ton on March 20. Before your eyes glaze over... Read more »

Flemish Art Dealer Dies Under House Arrest In Beijing

Art dealer
Yesterday, the news website — part of Flemish public broadcaster VRT – reported that Kurt De Raedemaeker, 48, died of a heart attack on an unspecified day while under house arrest in Beijing. Kurt De Raedemaeker was originally sentenced to life imprisonment in Gansu province in 2006 after allegedly illegally exporting a sarcophagus three years earlier that... Read more »