Mainland Toddler Poops In Taiwan Airport, Predictable Uproar Ensues

Pooping in Taiwan airport

Ah yes, another moment in Chinese poop history. In a Taiwan airport recently, someone snapped a picture of a toddler defecating onto a newspaper in the middle of the ground, reportedly with a bathroom nearby. Culture, right? What can ya do? The photograph found its way to Facebook and then Taiwan’s NOW News, and people are kind of unhappy.

SCMP’s Amy Li has the story:

“There aren’t enough public toilets in China and the ones they do have are usually dirty,” commented a Taiwanese blogger, “This might explain mainlanders’ poor hygiene habits.”

“This is  a typical mainland parent who spoils their children,’’ said a mainland netizen on China’s twitter-like Sina Weibo.

“This is so embarassing, ” said another mainland blogger.

We can only say, by way of counterpoint, that at least the kid’s mother had the courtesy to lay down a paper for easy disposal. And look at how young he is! You can bet this kid won’t be pulling shit like this when he’s ten.

Oh wait.

Outcry at mainland mother who let son defecate at Taiwan airport (SCMP)

    5 Responses to “Mainland Toddler Poops In Taiwan Airport, Predictable Uproar Ensues”

    1. Chackie Jan

      She actually put down a newspaper, that is great. If she had dragged the kid to a corner and blocked the sight it would have been almost okay considering mainland standards.

    2. Andao

      What is so bad about the airport bathrooms? Are they filthy? Were they closed? It has to require more work to do this newspaper tango than it would to just find a proper toilet.

    3. P.

      I saw this happen last week at a highly-trafficked tourist attraction in Hong Kong. An extended family of Wastelanders disembarked from a tourist boat and their Little Emperor immediately popped a squat on the pier, in the center of foot traffic, and dropped anchor. Number #2. As if that wasn’t crass enough, Mom whipped out her iPhone and actually filmed the little fucker shitting as the rest of the family gathered round with looks of ebullience.


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