This “Speed Dating” Event For Hong Kong Girls Seeking Rich Old Foreign Men Makes Everyone Look Bad

HK speed dating
Plenty of people nurse a healthy loathing of the “expat in Asia,” and in some instances, that antipathy is understandable, if not justified. (The image you want is of a mustachioed former mill owner, old and white, in Thailand. If you’d like to see some of these fellas here, try the bar Maggie’s.) Yet I’ve... Read more »

Mitt Romney References Chen Guangcheng, Begins To Sound A Lot Like Chinese Foreign Ministry

Mitt Romney
Pic via National Confidential There is, to be sure, an Eric Esch-sized body of evidence that Mitt Romney is a louse, but I think the scurvy wellspring of his suckiness can essentially be summed up as such: he is the archetypal American politician (no, I don’t care that he’s Mormon), and if you identified him as such,... Read more »

A Story About Journalism (Or, Why Details Matter): The Implications Of One Small Associated Press Editing Error

Pictured: Associated Press reporter Greg Risling
Let’s get the facts straight to start. The USC students who were shot and killed last Wednesday were not in a “new 3-series BMW,” as was originally reported. The AP’s Greg Risling, who has been assigned this beat, can be commended for reporting in a follow-up story: Some Chinese students at USC opted not to attend... Read more »

China’s Official Press Agency Loves Those Sexy Teen Models

Xinhua, believe it or not
Let’s play a guessing game. What kind of website would host a series of pictures such as the above? (Too classy, probably.) Bro Bible? Frat House Sports? Slingshot? Surely one of those sites with features like “The 50 Bustiest Girls on Facebook” and pop-up video ads. One of those sites in which a new... Read more »

Today In Shitty Journalism: MSNBC, E! Online, Mail Online, And Hollywood Reporter Are Among Those Who Got Trolled By Fake Quote

Earlier this week I came across a story on Offbeat China about Kate Winslet’s breasts being censored in the Chinese theatrical release of Titanic 3D. Alia wrote, without citing a source (cite your sources, people; I’m looking at you too, Shanghaiist), that the reason they censored the breast was because, “Considering the vivid 3D effects,... Read more »

Via Ministry Of Censorship’s Biggest Bitch, Government Tells China’s Internet Companies To Tighten Censorship

Mark Twain on censorship
Here’s how shitty China’s Ministry of Censorship is: instead of doing its one job — which is shitting over everything popular and good in the world, smearing puppies and daffodils with the excrement of its values, and shit — it outsources this one responsibility to private companies, and when said private companies fail to shit... Read more »

To Serve People: BJC’s New Weekly Column In Which Chinese Media Is Taken To The Stocks

To Serve People
The Top 4 Bullshit Editorials This Week | March 24-31 4. Heritage threatened as tomb-sweeping goes online Global Times | March 29 Tomb Sweeping Day is a yadayada bollockybollock from the reign of emperor Bull Wangle during the Hu Cares Dynasty in the Flerteenth Century. Apparently, people are doing whatever it is that people do on Tomb Sweeping Day online nowadays -- which, from the cartoon in Global Times, we can assume is getting high and watching Karate Kid through Wolverine claws: