13-Month-Old Baby Killed Underneath Chinese Family Planning Official’s Car [UPDATE]

Chen Liandi
This looks bad. Around noon on Monday, a 13-month-old baby was run over by a birth control official's car in Rui'an county near Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, according to state media. Reports the Guardian: According to the report, he had been in the arms of his father. But after the officials started their vehicles, he was found crushed under one of the cars. Officials took him to hospital but doctors were unable to save him.

Rapist of 7-year-old girl still at large in Beijing

The East is Read
If you want to read a very disturbing opening paragraph from Global Times, click on its Dec. 27 article about a seven-year-old girl who was raped on Monday while walking to school in Beijing. We’ll begin our excerpt from graf no. 2:

17-Year-Old In Fujian, Ashamed Of Getting Erections, Turns To Self-Castration

I don't want to know
Image via 7y7.com A 17-year-old in Anxi, Fujian province tried to cut off his penis to spite his out-of-control teenage and totally normal hormonal drive. Thankfully for him, he was not successful. According to Strait Metropolis Daily, the 17-year-old was at home Saturday, in bed, when he took a knife and tried to castrate himself.... Read more »

Face-Biting Again In China, This Time In Foshan

Video after the jump. Remember the cannibal/zombie craze that swept across the world over the summer, starting with Rudy Eugene chewing a homeless man’s face on a Miami highway on May 26, followed by Alexander Kinyua eating a murder victim’s heart and portions of his brain, followed by Luka Magnotta (the less said about this one the... Read more »

The Story Of The Boy Who Chopped Off His Sister’s Arm Over A Remote Control

Sibling rivalries can get intense, as history’s Li Shimin, the Prince of Qin, and his brother Li Jiancheng, the Crown Prince, has shown. But one little emperor in Kaili, Guizhou province took rather drastic measures against his sister not for power or wealth or dominion over a princedom or country, but a remote control. Guiyang Evening Paper has this... Read more »

Holy Crap! Defenestration Caught On Film, And It’s Terrifying

This is a tale about two families who shared an apartment in Yantai, Shandong province. They’re both called Li, so that complicates things slightly, but I’ll try my best. The story is via Qilu (Shandong) Evening News. On Wednesday morning, Li and her sister were moving some stuff downstairs when they were intercepted by the apartment’s... Read more »

Grandmother Chops Off Eight-Month-Old Granddaughter’s Hands

Baby in surgery
Not sure why this news story exists, existentially speaking, but earlier today, Shenzhen Media Group reported that on Saturday, a grandmother in Jinan, Shandong province cut off the hands of her eight-month-old granddaughter before trying to commit suicide (she survived). What does one do with a story like this? The Daily Mail picked it up... Read more »

The Worst Story You’ll Read Today: Seven-Month Pregnant Woman Beaten, Forcibly Aborted [UPDATE]

Jianmei abortion
[IMAGE - warning: very graphic, featuring an aborted fetus, laid Godfather-style, next to her injured mother.] This is disgusting, infuriating and frightening all rolled into one. An organization called Women’s Rights Without Frontiers learned from a China-based human rights organization, 64Tianwang (warning: graphic images), that a woman in Shanxi province (Ed’s note: Global Times says it’s Shaanxi) named Feng... Read more »

American Man Stabbed In Ass In Qianmen

Missed this yesterday: China Daily ran this in their “In Brief” section at 8:09 am: A US man was attacked by a knife-wielding assailant in downtown Beijing on Wednesday afternoon, according to local police. The man was stabbed in the buttocks by a 61-year-old Chinese man in Qianmen. The suspect, Wang Taicun from Shandong province,... Read more »