What The Fuck? Oh, It’s Just Dogs In Pantyhose

Dogs in pantyhose 1

Forgive us for being a week late to this, and we really don’t have anything to add to Kotaku’s story – “Hong Kong news site Sharp Daily (via IT Media) is reporting that on Chinese social networking site Weibo, many users are uploading gag photos of their dogs wearing panty hose, joking how ‘sexy’ the mutts look,” writes Brian Ashcraft — but seriously, what the fuck?

Dogs in pantyhose 2

And this shit?

Dogs in pantyhose 3
Dogs in pantyhose 4

Half the dogs in these photos are totally overweight. Not cool, guys.

    2 Responses to “What The Fuck? Oh, It’s Just Dogs In Pantyhose”

    1. Amanda R.

      Better than the starving, abused, abandoned dogs left to the streets. Yeah, it’s weird, but at least they are just having fun with them and actually feeding them well. Could be worse.


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