Tibetan Mastiff Shot Dead By 6 Armed Officers With Assault Rifles

Video on Liveleak

How many heavily armed policeman does it take to kill an oblivious Tibetan Mastiff? Apparently the answer is six.

Police were summoned to ‘take care of’ this large dog that bit three people in an apartment complex in Zhengzhou, Henan province on October 22. The above video picks it up from there.

We join several nervous onlookers and are provided with numerous shots of the (seemingly calm) dog as it strolls around a courtyard, parting crowds of people like Moses at the Red Sea. One victim shows off his wounds and points at his blood on the pavement.

A SWAT team arrives about halfway through the video and stalk the animal until it settles in an unoccupied apartment, at which point one officer proceeds, rather unskillfully, to injure the poor beast before eventually killing it. Six shots are fired. The dog is left whimpering, bloody and desperate to escape after the first, and isn’t totally silenced until the third or fourth shot. (Graphic warning No. 1: probably the most painful part of the video is when the camera zooms in on the injured animal scratching at a glass door.)

Was this really the best way to handle the situation? There are many methods of dealing with aggressive animals humanely; slowly filling it with bullets is not one of them.

Tibetan Mastiffs have had it rough in China in the last couple of months. Other cuddly creatures that aren’t giant pandas have had it rough for… much longer.

Graphic warning No. 2: This video depicts graphic imagery of a dog being shot several times. The horror starts around the 2:30 mark.

    6 Responses to “Tibetan Mastiff Shot Dead By 6 Armed Officers With Assault Rifles”

    1. Brido

      Those weren’t ‘assault rifles’, they were Type 79 sub-machine guns which fire quite a low-powered 7.62mm pistol round. If you fancy taking on one of those beasts with similar, fill your boots. I wouldn’t.

    2. Geoff Xu

      The very last thing untrained Chinese police officers should be firing in an apartment complex are full powered rifle rounds.

      As Anthony says there are a whole host of ways to deal with dangerous animals, of which riddling it with bullets is perhaps one of the least appropriate. Hang on, this is China, so maybe it isn’t so bad, better than jabbing it with pole pointed poison syringes or having a crowd bludgeon it to death with sticks.

    3. Sethua

      If I ever go to china I plan on killing all the cops that hurt this dog. Fucking tranquilizer will do the fucking trick you bitch ass, asian, gook, slant eye dumb fucking creatures that’s all you fucking asians are. I hope every single last one off you die. So happens your the only fucking race I hate. I can’t wait to go to China with a fucking thing full of coctails ready to ignite I want to kill y’all all. I want chinas nation to fucking end.

      • Jessica

        Oh yeah, I agree with you. Even though I’m asian myself (I’m Korean), I feel so disgusted with what Chinese people are doing to these innocent and beautiful creatures. We shouldn’t just kill them all, we should make them suffer for what they did to that dog. It probably bit those people in self defense, not out of hatred.

    4. FU

      Conclusion: Chinese kill this dog for food. Chinese always do that. They cannot control there population and they are out of food so they most likely eat rats, cat, dogs, snakes and other species. One day, they will get diseases for eating this animals and this disease will spread rapidly and will wipe out their race.

    5. bruno BR

      vai tomar no cú o certo e a Russia invadir essa porra de china e acabar com tudo.vontade é lanchar uma bomba no nuclear


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