What If American Police Beat Fruit Sellers to Death?

Chengguan stomps on merchant fight featured image

The Global Times recently published an editorial titled, “What if Chinese police beat a jaywalker?” covering the recent case of a Chinese man allegedly beaten by police for resisting arrest after jaywalking in New York. It’s a sad story, and it shows a brutal side of America’s police.

Unfortunately, and I do mean actual non-ironic unfortunately here, the nationalist mouthpiece that is The Global Times is not allowed to write this kind of editorial with this kind of title without sounding completely ridiculous.

However, things might be the other way around if the same incident happened in China. The local police would be charged with abuse of power, and the head of the local police department would have to apologize and the errant police officers could be punished or even sacked.


Tell that to the Chengguan who beat fruit vendor Deng Zhengjia to death.

Tell that to the group of 50 or so Chengguan who attacked an entire village in Lianyugang in Jiangsu Province.

Tell that to the street peddler beaten by police while his nine year old daughter pleads, Stop beating my daddy,” “I’m begging you,” “We’re sorry,” and “You can go ahead and take the stuff.”

Whatever problems America’s police force has, they are nothing compared to the corrupt incompetence that is China’s Chengguan. I wish you could be a force checking America’s internal violence Global Times, but writing from China you just look ridiculous.

    4 Responses to “What If American Police Beat Fruit Sellers to Death?”

    1. 本纪

      What to expect from the propaganda mouthpiece of the (in)glorious CPC ? Its the trade mark practice of despot regimes, all taking the cue from the Nazi propaganda master Himmler (?) – “if you repeat untruth repeatedly and long enough, the great unwashed masses will accept same as truths”, except internet doesn’t exist then. So one still see the mindless BS diarrhoea.

      • Owain

        Sorry to be “that guy” but I’m pretty sure the Nazi propaganda master was Goebbels, though I can’t challenge on the origin of that quote, although it is perfectly relevant when referring the Global Times (and to an extent Britain’s Daily Mail and the US’s Fox et all). Note on the article in general – what’s new? Chengguan = evil/corrupt/incompetent; a rhetoric well established and well cemented by almost every news platform that focuses on, or even mildly brushes over societal news in China. I know some may need to be reminded of that but the reason I’m a fan of Beijing Cream is due to it’s wildly whimsical prose and projection of somewhat alternative China-focused notions. A strange anomaly.

    2. Jay

      If you break the law, and a Chinese policeman wants to stop you, and you walk away from him as if he were nothing to respect…. I would not be surprised at all if you got beaten by that Chinese policeman.

      Disrespecting the police in any country is foolish.


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